What materials do you need to summon an avatar?

​The META ARENA world began at block 76267058 on the Klaytn blockchain. META, the core energy that sustains and records all activities in the Klaytn blockchain, is required for summoning avatars.

Any player can summon an Avatar by using either 500 META or an 'Avatar Summon Stones.'

Avatar Summoning Process

When a player uses 500 META or a Summon Stone, META ARENA starts the Avatar summon ritual. The ritual proceeds in the following order with random traits:

  1. Random selection among Tanks, Assassin, Supports, Ranger, and Mage classes

  2. Random selection of appearance (eyes, mouth shape, skin color, background, etc.)

  3. Helmet > Armor > Gloves > Main Weapon > Sub Weapon Randomly Selected

  4. Random selection among fire, water, wind, and earth

Abilities for each class

The initial avatars are selected from among Tanks, Assassin, Supports, Ranger, and Mage classes. As more players join the META ARENA world with their avatars, new classes will be added sequentially.

The basic stats of the avatar vary depending on the class. The avatar’s combat points are determined by adding the stats of the selected equipment to this.

Equipment stats

Equipment must be summoned together in order for the avatar to use its full abilities. Avatar’s combat points and rank are determined based on the abilities of the equipment.

Helmet, armor, glove, main weapon, and sub weapon are randomly selected from ranks 0–5. There is a very rare chance that an avatar holding only the main weapon may be summoned.

Because the equipment’s stats are randomly determined from the minimum to maximum values, the attack power (ATK), defense (DEF), and stamina (STA) values may be different even for the same grade.

Equipment Set Bonus

There is set equipment for each equipment class. The set equipment consists of 2 sets (main weapon + sub weapon) + 3 sets (helmet + armor + gloves), and additional stats are applied.


Avatar elements are randomly determined among the four elements: fire, wind, earth, and water. Since there is a synergistic relationship between each elements, it acts as an important factor in meta quests and content to be updated later.

  • Fire is strong against nature , but weak against Water.

  • Wind is strong against earth, but weak against Fire.

  • Earth is strong against water, but weak against Wind.

  • Water is strong against fire, but weak against Earth.


Avatar will have unique appearance elements such as facial expression, skin color, and background. It is not a factor that determines the Avatar Combat Point, but it is a personality factor that can become your own unique avatar according to players’ preferences.

Avatar Combat Points and Ranks

When the summoning ceremony is completed, the avatar’s combat points and grade are determined based on the selected class and the abilities of the summoned equipment. Equipment’s stats are converted into combat points according to the weight of the class.

  • Tanks where defense is important: (DEF * 2) + ATK + STA

  • Assassin where attack power is important: (ATK * 2) + DEF + STA

  • Supports where retention is important: (STA * 2) + ATK + DEF

  • Ranger where attack and defense is important: (ATK * 1.5) + (DEF * 1.5) + STA

  • Mage where attack and retention is important: (ATK * 1.5) + (STA * 1.5) + DEF

Combat Points are an important indicator of an avatar’s combat ability and collection ability in the META ARENA world as a player’s alter ego. Avatars with high combat points can do activities that meet the needs of players in the META ARENA world.

The avatars are ranked from N to MR according to their Combat Points. Be careful when competing in the META ARENA world, as high-ranking avatars have high combat points.

Special Summon

In Avatar Summon, only Avatars with Fire, Wind, Earth, and Ice attributes can be summoned. However, by using three Avatars and 100 META for a special summon, Avatars of random attributes among Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Light, and Dark will be summoned. Special summons differ from normal summons in that they do not summon grades 0 or 1 equipment; instead, the equipment is randomly determined from grades 2 to 5.

Avatars with light and dark elements can get higher bonus values from preset buff combinations than avatars with other elements. ※ Compatibility with other element is reflected when updating content with game elements.

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