Content Creation Guidelines

Here are some examples of content that seems to mesh well with the META ARENA community:

  • Memes

  • Gif of Avatar(or Worker)

  • Paintings

  • Fanart

  • Portraits of famous Avatar(or Worker)

There are some restrictions on the commercial use of META ARENA's avatar and Worker art. These restrictions are to protect the META ARENA brand from hostile actors as well as reinforce the rights around owning a certain Avatar.

  1. Anyone creating content of Avatar needs to either own the Avatar they are creating content from or receive permission from that Avatar owner.

  2. Content must not use official META ARENA assets, but creating unique art using META ARENA assets as inspiration is acceptable.

  3. Content using Avatars must clearly state "META ARENA Content" and link to and link directly to the avatar used for inspiration.

  4. Content using Worker must clearly state “META ARENA Content” and link to

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