A season is a unit for collecting and settling the combat records of META ARENA players. Typically, a regular season lasts for 28 days from the starting date, and players receive rewards based on their performance in the regular season.

Regular Season Rewards

After the season ends and a new one begins, rewards are calculated and distributed based on the final ranking of the previous season. The first season starts with a total prize of 200,000 META and is distributed differentially based on accumulated tier points (TP). For detailed season rewards, check the Reward menu for that season.

*Regular season rewards are subject to change for each season.


Players earn tier points (TP) with each victory in battles. Every 100 tier points, players advance to a higher tier and rank. Upon reaching the cumulative tier points required for each tier, players receive rewards with each tier advancement.

However, losing a battle and losing tier points may result in a demotion of tier and rank.

There are a total of 7 tiers, and once players reach the highest tier, Master, their tier points accumulate without an upper limit, but they no longer advance in tiers.

*After the regular season ends, all players' tiers are reset to the lowest rank. *The criteria for tier promotion may change through updates.

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