Players can trade Avatars in their wallets through the market.

Listing for sale

You can list an Avatar in your wallet for sale.

  1. Press the NFT menu at the top to move to the Exchange page.

  2. Choose the Avatar you want to sell.

  3. Toggle the "For sale" button to turn it on.

  4. Enter the desired amount (in KLAY) and press the "Complete" button.

  5. Once the transaction signature is complete, the selected Avatar will be listed on the META ARENA Market.

  6. It may take approximately 1 minute for the listed Avatar to be reflected.

Instant Sale

Select the Avatar you want to sell, enter the sale period and amount ($KLAY), and it will be listed on the market. When the Avatar is sold, the amount deducted by the transaction fee (2%) will be transferred to your wallet. At the end of the sale period, if the Avatar hasn't been sold, it will be automatically returned to the seller's wallet.


Instant Purchase

You can buy immediately by paying the sale amount with $KLAY you have in your wallet.


You can search for Avatars listed for sale based on price range, Avatar grade, class, attribute, equipment, and possessed skills.


Sort search results by the latest, oldest, highest CP, lowest CP, highest price, or lowest price.


1. Select the Avatar you wish to purchase. 2. Check the Avatar's attributes and equipment. 3. Press the "Buy Now" button. 4. Review the details in the purchase confirmation pop-up and press the "Buy Now" button. 5. Once the transaction signature is completed, the purchase will be complete.

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