Through the Exchange, META acquired through gameplay can be converted to $META, and Avatars within the game can be tokenized as NFT’s. It also supports transferring these assets back into the game wor

※Exchange policies may change without prior notice, and any changes will be communicated through announcements.

Exchange (Token)

$META can be exchanged for META through the Exchange, and $MST obtained as skating rewards can be exchanged for in-game currency, Avatar Summon Ticket.

Exchange Rate

$META and META can be exchanged at a 1:1 rate.


A 5% fee is incurred when exchanging in-game META for $META. This fee is reinvested for ecosystem maintenance costs, including transaction fees. No fees are incurred when exchanging $META for in-game META.

Exchange (NFT)

Through the NFT-exclusive Exchange provided on the META ARENA website, players can tokenize Avatars or in-game items they own in the META ARENA world. Conversely, they can transfer these assets back into the game world. Players can exchange Avatars they own in the META ARENA game world for NFT Avatars at any time, and NFT-tokenized Avatars can be traded on the Marketplace.

Exchange (META POINT)

The META Point Exchange is provided within the game and supports the exchange of META Points, acquired through adventures and daily missions, into META.

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate is determined by the cumulative quantity of META Points in the game and the daily distribution of $META from the Game Reward Pool to the Exchange Pool. This exchange rate is updated daily at a specific time.

The exchange rate is increased when the circulating META Points increase with more in-game players, and the exchange rate is decreased when the circulating META Points decrease with less in-game players. For instance, if 1 player (DAU) acquires 200 Meta Points on the first day, and there are 10,000 $META distributed to the exchange pool, the exchange rate may vary as below for the first day's players (DAU).



Total in-game META Points

Token Pool (Exchange META Point)

META Point:META (Exchange Rate)
















Exchange Limit

The initial exchange limit for [META POINT <> META] will be adjusted based on the exchange rate and the stabilization of the in-game META supply, starting at 100 META / player per day and gradually easing over time.

  • As of January 19, 2024, the daily limit for players has been increased to 10,000 META.

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