Staking is a way to reward participants for locking up $META in order to become part of the META ARENA owner in the long run. By staking $META, you will receive a share in the revenue generated by META ARENA, and you will be given the right to speak and vote through future governance. META ARENA owners can earn $META as a reward by playing the game and participating in governance.

How to stake

$META staking participants will receive not only revenue rewards, but also voting rights (vMETA) related to overall governance. Even if the same amount of $META is staked, the number of voting rights (vMETA) earned may vary depending on the staking period.

For example, if Bob stakes 100 META for 120 days, he can get 100 vMETA. With 30 days left on his staking contract, he will staking 100 META for an additional 240 days to earn 200 vMETA, for a total holding of 300 vMETA.

Long-term participants get more voting rights, and can exert a lot of influence by securing exclusive purchase participation rights and decision-making rights.

120 Day240 Day360 Day

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Votes earned when staking 1 $META





When the staking contract period has expired and unstaking is performed, vMETA will be burned and all META staked by the player will be returned.

When staking additionally, the staking contract period will be renewed at the latest end time, so please keep in mind when staking.

For example, Bob will stake 100 META on December 29, 2021 for 120 days. If 100 META is staked for an additional 240 days on February 26, 2022, the staking contract will end on October 23, 2022.

Emergency Unstaking

The staking contract can be terminated even if the staking contract period remains. A fee of up to 50% is charged at this time, which decreases linearly as the end date approaches. The fee reduction will be applied from the end date of D-60.

20% of the emergency unstaking fee will be distributed to vMETA holders, and 80% will be transferred to Reserved (0xddd83959e71af27a682aa1d6dae4b7abf0e46d66), which will be used for ecosystem development such as adding new cooperative game liquidity pools and game competitions.

Staking Rewards

Depending on the amount of vMETA held, a portion of the revenue generated from META ARENA will be distributed as $META every day at 0:00 AM(around).

  • Distribute META by buying back 50% of Avatar Summon, Special Summon and Limited Sales Profits.

  • Distribute META by buying back 0.4% of the market transaction fee.

  • Distribute 100% of META used for PvP refresh and Change nickname.

  • Distribute 50% of META used for Fusion and Adventure.

  • Distribute 20% of the emergency unstaking fee.

META ARENA owners can earn $META as a reward by playing the game and participating in governance.

The future of governance

META ARENA will evolve into decentralized governance (vMETA holders) ownership in the long run.

If enough $META circulates for governance in the future, it will be supported by governance votes to determine the percentage of fees that accumulate META ARENA revenue and how the revenue accumulated in the governance vault will be distributed.

In the long run, we will strengthen the on-chain voting function so that META ARENA can be transferred to governance.

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